Using light to enlighten the brain function

Understanding the neural basis of brain function and harnessing its power is arguably a grand challenge of our era. Brain is a very complex organ composed of billions of neurons that form circuits and networks that mediate our behavior. Our research is focused on developing novel tools and techniques to better understand the brain function. Having a clear understanding of the application space in neuroscience and biophotonic, and a deep knowledge of applied physics, we design, and build next generation neural interfaces. Using our neural interfaces we target areas of application both in fundamental neuroscience and Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). Using concepts in electromagnetics, semiconductor physics, optics, and MEMS, and material science we are developing multimodal (acousto-opto-electrical) neural interfaces.  The scope of research in our group encompasses theoretical design and simulation, fabrication and packaging, experimental benchtop characterization, as well as in-vivo, in-vitro, and ex-vivo tests on biological systems.   

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Lab News and Announcements:

-Welcome Matteo and Jay! 
-Welcome Nisha! 
Congratulations to Jay for winning the BrainHub Presidential Fellowship!
-ProSEED grant on optoflex neural interfaces got funded.
-We have a postdoc position available.
-PhD positions available for Spring and Fall 2017.

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Contact admin coordinator Lauren Demby for general inquiries.
Student/postdoc applicants can directly contact Prof. Chamanzar.