Dear Prospective Student,

Presumably you're reading this because you would like to be a graduate student, possibly at Carnegie Mellon University, and possibly working with me. This web page is an attempt to give you more information while managing my e-mail load so I can spend more time on my current students, teaching, and various obligations. Unfortunately, I am far too overloaded to respond to individual queries regarding admission.

I am no longer admitting new Ph.D. students
I am not accepting new MS students for advising, projects, or to be part of my research team.
There is zero chance of an exception being made.

If you send me e-mail asking to be my student it means you have not done your homework by looking at my home page, and you should not expect me to reply to your e-mail.

I am still recruiting teaching assistants for any courses I teach, but that is done internally via the ECE department and is strictly limited to currently enrolled students. Admitting a new student on a TA assistanceship is not something we do.

I am leaving the following information available below developed from when I was recruiting students in the hopes that it will help other students with more general information.


None of this is official policy of anyone, and much of it varies from professor to professor and from school to school. The below are in Q&A format in the tradition of FAQs: