Topics in Dependable Embedded Systems

Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Spring 1999

Philip Koopman
Michael Carchia
Michael Collins
John DeVale
Adrian Drury
Chris Inacio
Kanaka Juvva
Philip Koopman
Jiantao Pan
Leo Rollins
Mike Scheinholtz
Charles Shelton
Ying Shi
Robert Slater
Eushiuan Tran

This is a collection of student-written reports discussing various aspects of dependable embedded systems. The papers are the result of a graduate course that involved intense effort preparing presentations, writing papers, and collectively exchanging reviews and ideas. Due to time constraints the scope of the course and the papers is necessarily finite, but it does a good job of outlining just how great a breadth of knowledge an engineer must have to truly understand this important, growing area. The editing of these papers is in progress, and thus they should not be considered definitive on any technical point.

Reports on 44 areas on-line:

Informal conclusions from the experience of putting together this material:

© Copyright 1999, Philip Koopman, All Rights Reserved

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