Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite

Version 1.0


Welcome to the Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite. The purpose of this test suite is to facilitate testing POSIX function robustness. The test suite:

This software package can be ported to most POSIX-based operating systems with relative ease, and is useful for comparing competitive operating systems or different versions of the same operating system. This "do it yourself " utility does not add any additional testing capabilities to the standard ballista client. Instead the purpose is to provide a friendlier option for testing POSIX systems.


Funding for this project has long since terminated. We regret that we can offer no support for this package. It runs on a fairly old version of tools and will almost certainly require editing and porting work. Nonetheless, this is a complete release and is a starting point for anyone adventureous enough to have a go at it.

System Requirements

You must execute this test suite on a POSIX-compliant system (i.e., on a "Unix" system). Sorry, but Microsoft Windows (in any versions) is not supported. Beyond that, there are certain utilities and programs upon which the test suite is dependent.

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The Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License