Penny Paper Airplane:


This model is a color restoration of a 1940's cereal premium model performed by my father, the late Phil Koopman Sr. It is copyrighted material, but is made available as-is for non-commercial use at no charge. It is not public domain; as heir I am simply making the material available to individuals at no charge. Reprinting, redistributing, putting copies on other web sites, etc. are all strictly prohibited. However, you are welcome and encouraged to point to this web site.

(Note: this model appears to be only a partially complete design -- use at your own risk! And, yes, I know that it incorrectly says "japanese zero" instead of "fw-190", but that was too difficult to change so I left it as-is.)

Model Kit
fw190.pdf (128 KB)
Construction Tips

Sorry, but no support is provided. For information about copyrights, permissions, and how to contact me, please see the "Important Notes" section of my main paper airplane web page.

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