Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


I was the President of the IEEE student chapter at Carnegie Mellon in the 2012-2013 academic year. I'm looking forward to making a brand new start on the organization and have it become more well known on campus by students.

Secretary / Treasurer

Finally, I was the Treasurer and Secretary of the Student Chapter of IEEE at Carnegie Mellon. As a freshman, I wanted to join the IEEE; however, I could not as I was not allowed to declare my Electrical & Computer Engineering major until later. I still tried my best to become involved and the beginning of Sophomore year I ran for Treasurer. I did not get this position, but by the end of the year I was elected into both Treasurer and Secretary, as the two positions were combined. Since I became an officer, I have reorganized the communication system, and organized social and professional events hosted by the IEEE.

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity (∆T∆)


Sergeant-at-arms was my most recent position in my fraternity. As parlimentarian and head of the judicial branch of the fraternity, the honor board, I rewrote the bylaws of the local chapter, restarted and reorganized the judicial branch of my fraternity, the honor board, and spent a lot of time listening to debate of how the rules should be written. I put most of my time into this position and did the best I could. I reorganized a large part of the local chapter and brought life to a position that previously had none.