We will consider writing style and presentation in addition to technical correctness when grading scribing and the course project. We do not want or expect poetic prose, but we will look for clarity of thought.

We strongly urge you to read the following guides:


This class will use LaTeX to typeset the project report, as well as to scribe. The LaTeX template you should be using is available here (current version is 0.1). If you wish to make additions or modifications to the template, please email the instructor. We welcome improvements.

We also expect users to use BibTeX for managing their bibliographys. A sample BibTeX file is included in the template.

We insist on LaTeX and BibTeX because it is the de-facto standard for scientific work in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and similar fields. Thus, graduate students (especially those at a place such as Carnegie Mellon) should know how to use it, at least at a basic level. Other technologies, such as Microsoft Word, are unsuitable and usually produce quite ugly documents.


Markus Puschel has a nice guide for giving effective presentations. I recommend it highly. For those motivated to bring their speaking to the next level, I recommend the book "Presentation Zen".

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