End of semester review slides!

We will cover the following topics in this order. The exact days for each class will be determined by the overall class progress and comprehension. SB= Stallings and Brown book.
Cryptography Readings Notes
Course Overview and Intro Bellare and Rogaway course notes
Intro continued slide
Symmetric Encryption SB 19.1-19.5, AES Animation notes 1
notes 2
notes 2[PDF]
notes 3
Authentication and Integrity SB 20.1-20.2 notes 4
Number theory modulo primes and DH SB 20.3-20.4, [1] notes 5
Number theory modulo composites and RSA [2]
Digital Signatures & Overview notes 6
sample proof
Group Ideas:
0 1 2 3
Network Security
SSL, Certificates, SKey SB 21.1-21.2 note 7
note 8
note 9
Dissecting One Click Frauds -- Guest Lecturer: Nicholas Christin Slides
Intro to Biometrics -- Guest Lecturer: Ramzi Abiantun Slides
Firewalls SB 9.1-9.6 slides
IDS and IPS SB Ch 6, 9 slides
DoS/DDoS SB 8.1-8.6 Slides
Software Security
Buffer overflows, format strings, integer overflows, and control flow hijacks Smashing the stack for fun and profit
Exploiting Format String Vulnerabilities
Basic Integer Overflows
Assembly Review
Basic Buffer Overflow
Format String Attacks
Defenses ASLR Basic C Defenses
Fuzzing, Taint, Static Analysis Static Analysis
Taint Analysis
Web Security: Browser Web Security Overview
Web Security: Servers Server Side and Injection
OS Security
Access Control SB Ch 4 slides
Isolation and Separation Slides