SAGA Dashboard

The Sensor Andrew Gateway Agent (SAGA) Sensor Network Dashboard is a web interface that provides users with a way to view, actuate and manage a subnet of wireless sensor nodes. The front-end is designed to run locally on a router acting as a gateway between the sensor network and the Internet. Information collected from sensor nodes is stored locally for quick retrieval even if outside network connectivity is lost or unavailable. When network connectivity is available, data can be pushed through use of the Sensor Andrew infrastructure to external agents which can for example archive historical events or perform higher-level processing. This also enables secure bi-directional communication to gateways behind firewalls or with dynamic IP address like those found in broadband connected homes. The web interface allows devices to be easily configured with aliases and grouped together based on type. Individual and groups of sensors can be plotted to show relative comparisons of sensor values. For example, plotting a group of energy metering devices will show a comparison of which devices are consuming what fraction of the energy.


SAGA supports a variety of sensors and actuators as part of the Sensor Andrew transducer layer. These currently include light, temperature, audio, vibration, motion and energy sensors. Actuators include outlet-level power control which can remotely switch on or off electrical appliances. The wireless sensor networking technology is using the FireFly sensor networking platform running the Nano-RK real-time operating system.

Network Architecture


A login screen limits outside access.

Selecting an energy group shows the breakdown of appliance energy consumption.

Show environmental sensors over different time periods.

Show detailed energy profile of devices to make sure they are operating correctly.

Easily build custom groups and alias appliances with friendly names.

Mobile Interface

Main list of devices.

Monitor and actuate devices remotely from phone.

See patterns in daily usage.

Turn of critical devices you might have forgotten.


FireFly battery-operated environmental sensor.

FireFly JigaWatt Plug node for wireless monitoring and actuating appliance power.

Project Members

SAGA was developed by the Real-Time and Multimedia Lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

Max Buevich (Undergraduate ECE Department)
Anthony Rowe (Ph.D. Candidate ECE Department)
Mario Berges (Ph.D. Candidate CEE Department)
Prof. Raj Rajkumar (Project Advisor)