WiSe 2004: Preliminary Program

Session 1: WiSe Introduction and Awards

Session 2: Secure Services
Session Chair: Susanne Wetzel

Trust Evaluation in Ad-Hoc Networks
George Theodorakopoulos, John S. Baras (University of Maryland)

JANUS: Towards Robust and Malicious Resilient Routing in Hybrid Wireless Networks
Bogdan Carbunar, Ioannis Ioannidis, Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Purdue University)

SeRLoc: Secure Range-Independent Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Loukas Lazos, Radha Poovendran (University of Washington)

Session 3: Invited Presentation 1
Session Chair: Markus Jakobsson

RFID: Security and Privacy for Five-Cent Wireless Devices
Ari Juels (RSA Security)

Session 4: Security Analysis
Session Chair: Wade Trappe

Security Considerations for IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
Naveen Sastry, David Wagner (UC Berkeley)

Analysis of 802.11i 4-Way Handshake
Changhua He, John C. Mitchell (Stanford)

Session 5: Poster Presentations

A Protection Mechanism for Radio Resource Measurement Frames in 802.11 Wireless Networks
Emily Qi, Jesse Walker (Intel Corporation)

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: The Game Theory Approach
A. Agah, S.K. Das, K. Basu (University of Texas at Arlington)

Probabilistic Unbalanced Key Distribution and Its Effects on Distributed Sensor Networks
Patrick Traynor, Heesook Choi, Guohong Cao, Tom La Porta (Pennsylvania State University)

CDA: Concealed Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Joao Girao (NEC), Dirk Westhoff (NEC), Markus Schneider (Fraunhofer SIT)

Community-based Secure Routing Protocols for Dense Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Jiejun Kong, Yunjung Yi, Xiaoyan Hong, Mario Gerla (UCLA)

SNTS: Sensor Node Traceback Scheme
Damon Smith, Ryan Mahon, Swathi Koundinya, Shubhashri Panicker (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session 6: Invited Presentation 2
Session Chair: Adrian Perrig

Security and Policy in Wireless Networks
Paul Kolodzy (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Session 7: Attack Detection
Session Chair: Jean-Pierre Hubaux

Visualization of Wormholes in Sensor Networks
Weichao Wang, Bharat Bhargava (Purdue University)

Mobility-Based Anomaly Detection in Cellular Mobile Networks
Bo Sun (Lamar University), Fei Yu (University of British Columbia), Kui Wu (Univeristy of Victoria), Victor M. Leung (University of British Columbia)

Session 8: Wireless Monitoring and Denial of Service
Session Chair: Radha Poovendran

A Framework for Wireless LAN Monitoring and Its Applications
Jihwang Yeo, Moustafa Youssef, Ashok Agrawala (University of Maryland)

Channel Surfing and Spatial Retreats Defenses against Wireless Denial of Service
Wenyuan Xu, Timothy Wood, Wade Trappe, Yanyong Zhang (Rutgers)

A Man-in-the-Middle Attack on UMTS
Ulrike Meyer (Darmstadt University), Susanne Wetzel (Stevens Institute)