Adeola Bannis

PhD Student
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Advisors: Pei Zhang, Hae Young Noh

About Me

My main research interest is the Internet of Things, which is itself a very broad topic. I am currently focused on simulating IoT systems, including sensing, communication, mobility and physical environment. By combining these aspects in an integrated simulation environment, it is possible to gain better qualitative and quantitative estimation of IoT system behavior and performance than with existing single-domain simulators.

Previously, I investigated the use of Named Data Networking (NDN) as a protocol for smart home IoT applications. This resulted in a toolkit for Raspberry Pi, NDN-Pi, which includes NDN pre-installed, as well as a Python library for creating and managing a smart home network.

I also like to make mini-networks of Things, using the Raspberry Pi, Arduino Unos, and the Crazyflie 2.0 nano-quadcopter platform. I use the RF24 networking library (and nRF24L01+ radios) to get them all talking without a full WiFi/Bluetooth stack.